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Bring Stranger Soccer to your city or country

In 2022, Stranger Soccer began expanding to selected cities around the world.

Interested in bringing Stranger Soccer to your city or country? We are now accepting applications for license partners to own and operate the Stranger Soccer business in key cities.

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What we seek

what we seek 1A passion for football.
what we seek 2A business background and an entrepreneurial spirit.
what we seek 3Sufficient financial resources to launch and develop the business.
what we seek 4Strong connections to your local football scene.
what we seek 5A commitment to drive and scale the Stranger Soccer brand in your market.

What you get

what you get 1Exclusive rights to the Stranger Soccer brand, mobile app, and business model in your market.
what you get 2Strong sales and marketing support, including an array of tried-and-tested methods and materials.
what you get 3A suite of integrated technology and systems to manage the business.
what you get 4Comprehensive training covering all areas of the operation.

Express your interest

Interested in becoming a license partner, to own and operate the Stranger Soccer business in your city or country? Submit this form.
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